How to Find the Best Container Drayage Rates


Container drayage rates are an integral part of the shipping process. They ensure that goods are transported at the appropriate time and in the correct manner. When used in tandem with other shipping services, drayage makes the process of shipping more efficient. However, drayage rates can change in a flash, click for container drayage rates. This can result in extra costs for those who are attempting to ship cargo.
There are several different types of container drayage. One type is expedited, which is usually used to deliver perishable goods. Another is door to door, which is often used for e-commerce shipments. These are all variations of drayage and all require an intelligent selection of drayage providers. Draydex is a free TMS extension that allows users to access drayage rates and find the cheapest options for their freight.
The container drayage industry has experienced a few major setbacks in recent years. A couple of major port acquisitions and the ensuing consolidation have impacted certain segments of the industry. Other factors include oil prices, which have increased significantly over the past eight years.
As a result, drayage rates have been on the rise. This has exacerbated the drayage carrier crunch, especially during the busy holiday season. In fact, the Book Your Cargo Drayage Spot Market Index shows that container drayage rates have risen 27% since August 2021.
The drayage industry is now in turmoil. Beilun container trucking drivers recently went on strike. Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach were impacted heavily by the COVID-19 legislation. That prompted a huge deployment of police to the area. Additionally, the Beilun port has also seen violent police attacks. It has also stopped operating container trucks.
Rates in the Middle East, Southwest, Northeast and Pacific Southwest regions have been predicted to rise between 16% and 18% over last year. Rates in the Southeast region are predicted to increase 17 percent. Rates for the Midwest and West are expected to remain stable through August. Several of these regions are in a low capacity phase, which is causing the drayage carrier crunch to increase. Visit this page to discover more about container drayage rates.
The Draydex Index is the industry's most accurate spot market index. It updates real-time and provides the most comprehensive access to drayage rate data. It is a free tool that is simple to use and provides users with high-level information about the market. With Draydex, drayage providers can intelligently select drayage companies that are suited for their shipments.
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